Friday, September 1, 2006

Spent the last two days off, a rarity with my late habits and totally welcomed. Yesterday we took another trip to the PNE, this time with our nephew Kyle, a four year old with seemingly boundless energy. After the kiddie rides he wanted to go down the Super Slide with his auntie Pia. We climbed up the stairs with our burlap sack, took a moment to admire the view and then got on the slide for a terrifying ride to the bottom.

The coolest part was getting back on my feet, heart pounding like crazy and looking up to see Kyle halfway across the fare ground running full tilt with Ian struggling to catch up. The little guy was just so excited by the ride, so charged up that the only way he could direct it was to run as fast as he could in the first direction he pointed himself at. Pretty entertaining.

Once he had settled down we made our way to the petting zoo where among other animals we pat a fluffy, white, baby rabbit named Marshmallow.

Today I spent the day in the office doodling for fun (another rarity). Had a good time.

First part of 51 came in tonight, cool scene too. I'm on it tomorrow.

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