Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Issue 50 is done, woo hoo! Nine to go.

The Comix and Stories con yesterday was fun. I got there late thanks to a bout of tetchy laundry but I managed to meet up with some friends and talk shop for a few hours which was a good boost. Ian and I headed home from the office at about 4am, I brought the remaining 3 pages with me to finish on the couch.

The living room set up is not a favourite of mine but when the deadline looms it's better to be in comfortable surroundings I think. The office is a wonderful working environment, we call it Donkey Island for all the little geeky comforts therein but when faced with that awful pressure, those last few pages and all the half finished panels left to do before the 4 pm Fed Ex run, those brief stabs of panic where you keep asking yourself why the hell you agreed to do this... It's better to deal with it at home. I can put on some crappy TV, pet a cat, take a 20 minute nap and raid the fridge.

Also knowing I'm under the same roof as Ian helps. That's he's right there if I need to go snuggle up to him for a few moments and regain momentum.

Plus, Hedy Lamarr festival on TCM!

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