Saturday, August 26, 2006

We got into the fair at about 7pm which was the perfect time of day for this. The temperature was just right, not a wasp in sight, the crowds were all in a good mood.

We met up with friends at the casino and proceeded on the tried and true route: First stop, the sweet corn stand where we all picked up our butter soaked cobs of Chilliwack corn. After tossing the cobs and smiling wide to check for corn in our teeth we made our way over to the lemonade stand followed by a walk over to Hunky Bill's tent for perogies. Then over to the mini donuts stand for some treats to bring into the Superdogs show. We cheered our throats raw at the super cuteness of dogs racing through tunnels and over little fences.

From there we got tickets for the Prize Home and made our way to the midway were we wacked some moles, shot some skee ball and of course the mandatory round of crossbow. I lost at the crossbow buuut...

I won a giant Bart Man at the ball roll race! Woo hoo!

Tomorrow, back to the office to catch up on pages.

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Caroline said...

You're up on me. I *never* win anything!