Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pages 17 and 18 halfway done.

I'm beginning to seriously dislike my immediate neighbourhood. Mount Pleasant itself is great but this block has become hell on earth thanks to seemingly non stop construction projects. This summer the culprit is a house a few doors over from the corner condo (the perpetrator of auditory tortures past), another Victorian with delusions of grand realty prices. For the last two weeks starting at 9am the day starts with a loud saw followed by hours and hours of hammering. The giant industrial dumpster parked out front doesn't offer much hope of it being a short term thing either.

Before this wasn't much better with the house across the street from our building undergoing extensive renovations over the last three months. In the early spring we saw the development permit sign for that one go up stating that an add-on would be built into the back. We didn't think too much of it since it would be behind the house so we probably wouldn't even notice it. As it turned out the whole house was being gutted, raised and rebuilt. The road had to be ripped up to add in new sewage lines. Total nightmare. And it's still not finished.

And now, the icing on the cake, over on the other end of the block a house there has put up its own development sign. This one for a complete tear down so a three story condo can go up in it's place.

It's all greed. Greedy, inconsiderate fucks cashing in on a hot real estate market, taking perfectly good homes, not even very big ones at that, chopping them up into tiny apartments and selling them for ridiculous prices ($500,000 for a basement suite?!).

It's depressing. On the one hand there's not being able to sleep because of the noise or close the windows because of the heat (making the noise worse) and on the other... We'd love to have a home of our own someday, in the area if possible but with the prices the way they are it just seems so out of reach. And with all the construction going on, finding that perfect little single family dwelling will only be harder won't it?



Pia Guerra said...

Hey! I got the comments working!

David Lee said...


Now if only I had something to say.

Caroline said...

I know what you mean about house prices. Even here in Edmonton it's stupid. We figure by the next of next year the price of our house will have *doubled* from what we paid for it in 2004. Retarded.

Caroline said...

Make that END of next year (oops).