Monday, August 21, 2006

Ended up going to the Richmond Night Market on Saturday instead. I found a wicked Chairman Mao watch there.

He waves his arm with every tick! Plus it's a wind up which is hard to find these days. I'm digging the irony too.

We hadn't been to the market before and it was pretty overwhelming. A giant Ultraman statue watched over all the flashing lights and tinny Canto-pop. Hundreds of people jostled for looks at the stands displaying everything from Hello Kitty to handbags to electronics. A lot of junk but a few neat finds like a cheap set of speakers for the mp3 player. We ran into some friends and wandered together for a while until hunger started calling and we split for the food stands. We had some fabulous shrimp and dumplings. I loved that this market was in the evening, it saved us from having to deal with swarms of wasps and the midday sun pounding down on the shoulder to shoulder masses.

Today we were at the office, sleepy from an early wake up for a family lunch date. I got page 16 started and then passed out on the couch. Later we met up with Roger and Louise and went to see Snakes on a Plane.

This was a fun film. I was surprised at how much it played like a Hong Kong action film. The pacing, the ridiculous plot and even sillier dialogue... replace the leads with Chow Yun Fat and Anita Mui and you'd have a classic along the lines of Hard Boiled, Tiger on the Beat and High Risk (that last one had a very nutty scene with snakes in a bathroom).

Goofy and worth a trip to the theater.

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