Thursday, August 3, 2006

We're going to be a 4 cat household for a few days. Ian's sister asked us to look after little Lulu while her place is undergoing renovations. So far it's a bit like putting North Korea, Japan, Iran and Israel together in the same room with some catnip. Lots of growling and hissing broken by short bursts of chasing each other around but no real violence.

I get to play gunboat diplomacy with the squirt bottle.

After the pages went out I took the evening off to rest the hand and take in some fireworks. We started the night with dinner at the Pacific Culinary Institute. A friend was in town and had a prepaid reservation but couldn't make it so she offered it to us. We'd heard good things about it, inexpensive gourmet meals prepared by students and figured it would be fun to play amateur food critics. It wasn't all that bad. The berries are all in season right now and made for a wonderful dessert.

Afterwards we made our way to another friend's apartment in Kits and watched the show from their balcony. When that was done we sat around talking, oddly enough the conversation was dominated with insect and rodent horror stories. Maybe that's why I'm still up. Visions of Wolf Spiders scuttling in my head. Brr. Think of Randolph Mantooth, think of Randolph Mantooth. Emergency was a fun series. Especially that episode with the... RATTLESNAKE!

Ugh. Hopeless.

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