Sunday, August 6, 2006

Okay, the whole fireworks party and drawing board thing didn't work out. We both woke up way too late and sapped of all our energy to do anything. We tried. Got as far as Bert's for lunch/dinner after which we said "aw crap, let's go buy some real food for later tonight and tidy up around the house".

Which we did. Well, for the most part. The laundry we sorted through is still sitting in piles, one to be set into the closet and the other going to the Sally Ann. We had a lot of clothes we weren't really wearing anymore and it was about time we took care of them.

As the fireworks thudded in the distance I got a little grumpy for not going to the party. I wanted to hang with Riel, show her these cool shoes I bought last month. Not that I'm a big shoe show off, we had a shoe shopping day together before the wedding and I don't know, there's a bond now I guess. And these shoes I found are pretty sweet.

Anyway, I was grumpy and restless and tired and surrounded by laundry. And that's when Ian suggested we watch a movie, the Matador with Pierce Brosnan. And wow, two really great Greg Kinnear movies in as many days. Impressive.

After that I fidgeted with the electrics in the dollhouse. Nothing more satisfying than taking apart a 1/12th scale hanging hurricane lamp, shortening the chain, re-wiring the plate with its impossibly tiny screws and getting it to light again. One day I'll get all these fixtures actually installed.

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