Tuesday, September 19, 2006

5 pages done and away.

Got to sleep at noon on Sunday. Up at 7:30pm and out the door a couple of hours later to see the last Canadian Content show for the festival. Afterwards we went to the Fringe club for some unexpected dancing. I should do more of that, lots of fun. So by 2am we went to the office where I set up at the desk and worked through the morning to get this ugly batch out the door.

The panels that were driving me nuts continued to do so until a few hours before the 3:30pm FedEx deadline when I stopped trying to rework them and just grabbed the eraser.

It worked out okay in the end. Hopefully I won't be giving Jose too much grief with some of the rougher patches.

Met up with Ian for a spot of lunch (breakfast? Dinner?), took advantage of being up when everything was open and did some banking, got home at around 6pm and crashed.

Up again at midnight and spent time with Ian watching episodes of Lost we missed last spring. I really love this show. Amazing pacing, good teases and excellent characters. Haven't got to the end of the season yet but we can't help but come up with theories.

Oh and really great news from DC. A poster of the cover to Y #23 hits the shops this week. This one is a beauty and I can't wait to get one up in the office.

Now if we can convince the folks in PR to put together some action figures...


Laura said...

Posters!! Cool, that totally rocks! When and where can I get one?

Pia Guerra said...

Someone mentioned on Brian's board that they're out this week from Diamond Distributors. Ask your local comic shop for more info.