Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pages 6 and 7 gotten started.

After coming home this morning I decided to finally get a MySpace page set up. Friends have been pestering me to get one and if Brubaker can do it... The address is www.myspace.com/piaguerra so go on over and check it out. You may have to hit refresh a few times, MySpace is all wonky today but the page is there. To make things extra weird, Blogger won't let me hyperlink the address (yeahbuwhaa?!) so you'll have to cut and paste. Code drama!

Civility has gone out the window in our neighbourhood. It's 7:45 am and the house across the street has a roofing torch blaring as well as a radio with some crappy morning show and the house next to us is hammering and oh yeah, that dog from the house over is barking again.

God, I live in a damn zoo.

And that reminds me... Still no response from the Omni Hotel for their total douchebaggery. I'll be e-mailing them again soon.

On a very cool note, I found a copy of Making Comics by Scott McCloud at Chapters the other day and completely forgot that I had a quote in it! Scott e-mailed me several months ago for advice about tools. On page 209 you'll find a little paragraph about favourite pencils! Woo hoo!

Oh and it's an amazing book too! Anyone wanting to work in comics needs to read this. An absolutely priceless reference.

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