Monday, September 4, 2006

The barbecue was great and upon seeing our host's young daughter and how much she had grown since I last saw her I resolved to finally get to work on the dollhouse I promised when she was born.

We took the shell I found a while back out of the storage locker and I set to stripping it down. The previous owner it seemed was quite insane judging by the many layers of tacky wallpaper and globs of glue and paint everywhere. The new detail sander worked well at smoothing out the rougher patches (and the noise did a nice job of covering up the racket coming from the neighbour's family reunion party that had been going on since this morning) but most of the evening was spent soaking and scraping at the wallpaper and glue with a sponge and exacto knife.

It was very relaxing.

Tomorrow it's back to the office.

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