Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pages 11 and 12 are started up.

Going to a Canwest show tonight, Brian Posehn is one of the stand-ups! His cd was kickass!

Finally got caught up on all the episodes of LOST we missed last year. Nice cliffhanger too. I have so many theories but I'll save that for another time.

Exceeeept... anyone else notice the Peter Gabriel song Hurley wanted to play for Libby (In Your Eyes) is on the same album as the song titled We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37) about the infamous pyschological experiment?

Pretty eerie, huh?

I love this show!


Peter Bangs said...

Hi Pia

Just followed the link here from The Beat and got to say I love the pencil work on your gallery. I've not read Y but now I'm gonna have to buy the first trade. You got anything lined up to follow it yet?

Pia Guerra said...

Well, there are a few trades after that... :)

Right now I have nothing planned for the end (issue 60) and really don't want to plan that far ahead. First I'll take a break and then look at what makes me happiest.

Thanks for checking out our book, hope you dig it.

gibrangraham said...

Hey Pia,
This is great. I also followed from that bastion of sequential hype, The Beat, and am pretty glad I did. Really looking forward to the rest of the story and really glad you two have got as much attention as you have. Totally deserved!
It was also a treat to meet and speak with you briefly in San Diego. I was one of thousands, but thanks again for the Ampersand sketch.
I noticed on an earlier blog you said there was some trouble at the Omni. The one in SD? If so, I'm wondering what happened because I had a terrible time with the hotel (but I loved my room).

Pia Guerra said...

I did get a response saying they would reimburse the day they promised they wouldn't charge me for (and did anyway) but that's it. I have no plans to stay at the Omni again.