Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another frustrating week. I was up early this morning and hit the board to get the 11-15 batch done. There's an action sequence in there that needed more attention than I could give today and was only able to get 4 pages into the FedEx pack this afternoon.


I've had to adjust to the new sleep schedule where I've been getting up at 8 and 9 in the morning. I'll probably be back to staying up 'till dawn before long but right now it's just one of those weird flip floppy phases I go through, and the work schedule has had to follow along.

The upside being that we've been able to check out more stores open during their business hours. Picked up the Spike Jonze collection on DVD (awesome!), Loco Roco for the PSP (Wowie!), and the new Barenaked Ladies CD (ehn). Also walked around in a lot of sunshine (nice!).

No comics yet because some wimp-a-licious border guards decided to walk off the job the other day in protest for not being able to carry guns thereby backing up customs a whole day. And here I thought Quebecor shipped books out of... well, Quebec. Huh.

Another project for this week (besides hauling ass to get the last batch done) is to find Vic a car. She needs one for school and work and I need to learn how to drive and get my damn licence already. Do a lot of 34 year olds take Young Drivers of Canada courses these days?

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Hsifeng said...

I heard that lots of people in New York City who do have licenses and don't have cars take referesher classes at drivers' ed schools now and then (for example, when planning to rent a car and attend a wedding upstate after not driving for a few years). You're not alone!