Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Two pages laid out. More tomorrow.

Telus announced over the weekend that they'd be upgrading their voice messaging service and as a result all old messages would be wiped by the 7th. We learned this while we were out of town, leaving us very little time to figure out how to copy some half dozen clips we'd saved, mostly from family, thank you notes from my godson, a birthday song fom mom, a few rambles from me to Ian.

I checked online for a way to forward them but no luck. All that could be done was to press a headset mic to the phone's earpiece and record it onto a mastering program on the laptop. A bit tinny but still there.

Unfortunately I couldn't record Ian's by midnight when they were all erased.

Telus sucks huge. Their service has been terrible for years, they outsource jobs and treat the workers that remain like crap and now this.

Time to look for an online phone service.


Matthew The Astrologer said...

Speaking as a former Telus employee:

1) Yes. Telus sucks big time. I rant about it all the time on my blog.
2) I would warn you about quality issues with Vonage or any other VOIP service. But I won't complain if you take your bucks away from Telus. It's the only thing they understand.

Pia Guerra said...

Thanks Matthew, I'll be researching it thoroughly. And I'll be sure to ask my friends who already have it what they think.
It'll be good if we can cancel service to the office as well, those asses charge double for a business line and we barely use it.