Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Almost there, I should have this first batch ready to go out on Wednesday.

Found a new sushi joint in town called Aoki Sushi with some pretty amazing (and reasonably priced!) food. It's a small establishment about a block west of Futureshop on Broadway, the staff are very pleasant (and very Japanese, the always smiling chef sports a cute plastic hat mimicking a bald head and topknot) and the dishes are creative as heck including beautiful appetizers like the Tuna Gomae-ai and Vegetarian Special, the Meditteranean Roll with sundried tomato and pine nuts and another roll featuring sauerkraut(!) but most perplexing of all was the Pink Godzilla Roll.

The picture made it look like the roll's pieces were topped with red salmon and avocado but when it arrived we were flabbergasted to see they were in fact giant strawberry halves laid on kiwi wedges on top of chicken katsu slices, all drizzled in mayo and home-made spicy sauce. It looked downright scary. And it tasted quite good! You couldn't eat these massive creations in one go of course but working down from the top and you went from cool, spicy sweet to warm and hearty. The overall evaluation: the not-so-attractive-fellow-who's-a-fabulous-lover, get past the looks and you're in for a treat. And when you exit a little recorded voice calls out 'arigato gozaimashta!' Love it.

Should we go to the Bristol Expo? It's been nagging on my mind more and more now. So tempting.

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