Monday, March 12, 2007

5 Pages out today.

Five more pages to go for issue 56. I wish I could do them all today because this scene is my favourite of the entire series.

Damn this thing called sleep!


Brian said...

I have no idea how the comics industry works but you're just now getting #56 wrapped up? Is this normal? I am hungry for some Y! I just finished 54 and hope to get 55 today. Anyway if you're saying you're saying 56 has some of your favorite scene's I can wait to see them. I'll be looking forward to you drawing some more of Paris (they sent you there to get some inspiration right?).

Pia Guerra said...

They didn't send us there but Ian and I did stop through Paris for a day on the way to London after a con in Gijon back in 2005. I took a truck load of pictures for this particular scene I'm doing now and yes, it's been planned from the beginning.

As for the schedule, it's not totally normal but we just shifted to a bi-monthly schedule to accomodate the double-plus sized final in issue 60, so no worries.