Saturday, March 3, 2007

Didn't get nearly enough sleep this morning and spent the day feeling half zombified. Applying for the seller's permit was relatively painless. At the con I immediately loaded up on Dr Who swag: the sonic screwdriver, action figures of Rose, K-9 and the cyberman as well as the 12 inch doctor in the space suit (with removable helmet!). I'm a geek and I have no shame. Still considering the Tardis interior set.

We picked up promo tickets for the Hot Fuzz preview screening tomorrow night, I hope we can get in to see it because that would rock so hard.

I stopped by the Image table to chat with Gus and saw Brian Posehn signing. I then proceeded to gush about his comedy and he in turn said some really nice things about Y that made me gush some more. It was a whole geeky gushing thing, threatened the very laws of physics.

We took a break mid afternoon to go to Fisherman's wharf for lunch. I was feeling very messed up by then with the fatigue and the sore back from the fatigue. I was consumed by grumpiness and it kinda dampened Ian's enthusiasm which made me feel even worse.

Emotional feedback loops all around today.

Soon the Advil kicked in and with the second wind picking me up some we hopped over to the Golden Gate bridge to take some photos. It was nice to see all the spots I used for reference in the Ring of Truth arc.

After that we zipped back to the con to do a signing at the DC/Vertigo booth and from there back to the hotel to catch a brief nap before slogging out to the Cartoon Art Museum for the opening of the Worlds of Wonder show where some Y pages were on display.

At the show we ran into Steve Lieber and spent the rest of the evening talking about the salon in Gijon (where we all met for the first time), shop talk and family histories.

It's now 2:30 and I'm bagged. Tomorrow: PANEL MANIA!

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Eegore said...

And that's why, among other things, you deserve the title "pro." I bought a "Y" page Saturday afternoon, and caught up with you between programs at the Pia/Brian/Tony booth. Despite all the customs crud and physical ickiness you described enduring above, you were smiling and gracious, and said SF was treating you well. Kudos also to your sister, who filled out the purchase receipt while fielding "Are you Pia?" questions every, oh, 35 seconds.

Thanks again,