Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Today started abruptly when I forgot to set the clock to meet up with Vic. I threw on some clothes and raced out the door so we could go to Richmond to get the car's power train check up. We also asked them to look at the e-brake because it wasn't grabbing road like it should.

While this was going on we went to a nearby diner for some lunch and when it came time to pay, my credit card was declined due to a note to call Visa's security department. I had forgotten they left a message the night before. Whoops.

We returned to the garage to bad news. All 4 brake shoes needed to be replaced as they had worn down to less than 15 percent. And there was brake fluid leaking in one of the cylinders. We were looking at a $550 bill. Wha-ha? We had just bought the thing two months ago! I called the dealer and demanded to know why they let a car off their lot in such a dangerous condition and after being directed to several departments we had an appointment to see their mechanic in the morning.

We had the repairs just starting at the garage cancelled and the wheels put back on so we could drive it out of there. We also ordered some cover-up paint for the mess left by some ass who decided to key the car while we were out of town this weekend.

Of course I would forget the keys to the apartment in another jacket and had to go to the office to get Ian to help us out.

Back home I called Visa and learned my card had been compromised ie. the cops found my number in the possession of some seedy types and now I'm left with a cancelled card and the enormous pain-in-the-ass task of changing all my accounts with that card. And this isn't the first time it's happened! Same time last year, same crap!

And I don't even want to go into the hour I spent on the phone not getting the new voice messaging system to work.

I should have stayed in bed today.

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Evil Dildo said...

Credit card theft is a pain in the behind. It takes forever to sort it out.

Looking forward to the end of Y: The Last Man.