Monday, March 5, 2007

Saturday night went topsy turvey when it was decided that Brian and Ruth Vic, Ian and myself would meet up at Cafe Zoetrope for a quick meal before getting in line for the Hot Fuzz premiere. We split up in two cabs and was surprised to learn there was a MASSIVE Chinese New Year's parade right in front of the restaurant... and we were on the wrong side of the street. This was extra unexpected since in Vancouver New Year was celebrated two weeks ago during the new moon. Here it's the full moon. Weird.

Of course we forgot to exchange cell numbers or we would have coordinated things better. There were people flinging fireworks into the crowds and it just didn't seem like a good idea to stick around so we booted for the nearest hotel to find a cab out to the theatre. Our logic was that Brian and Ruth would end up there too. Maybe.

The line at the theatre was way too long to get a seat so after waiting a bit we headed back to the hotel. Hot Fuzz would have to wait until next month.

Sunday we met up with Gus (aka Moritat) and fellow Dr Who fantatic and therefore instant comrade, Richard Starkings for breakfast. After our lovely repast we got a tour of their hotel room before they checked out because we just had to see it apparently. The hotel known as the "W" has this wild conceptual design to it which basically screams "WE ARE SEX! IT'S DRIPPING OFF THE WALLS YO! SMELLLLLL IT!" And indeed, that's the first thing you notice when you enter the hyper lounge of their lobby, it smells like the sexiest cologne you can think of. When you step out of the elevator there's this ultra techno porn soundtrack piping through the cooly lit halls, practically escorting you to your room where you find a super duper, totally decked out bachelor pad of shagilicious delights, including trays of condoms and lotions and candies. There was a catalogue of expensive jewelry like something out of skymall, a guest services directory in the shape of a designer's colour swatch book. It could have been tacky but it was too James Bond cool to laugh at, only gawk in awe.

It was so bizarre. Giggling we left for the con across the street.

Right away we ran into Brian at the DC booth and I apologised profusely for the cock up and Brian told us how they did eventually get through the parade mess and had the most amazing meal and everything worked out great.

It was a very busy day. There were two panels, one with Vic and myself and the other about gender in genre with Amanda Sullivan from NOW and Jane Espenson, the writer on two of my absolute favourite shows, Buffy and BSG. It was a total blast and the room was packed.

Between panels I was at the booth signing books and sketching a kazillion ampersands. I did take a moment to buy a giant TARDIS playset (It's going to be fun trying to get that sucker home).

After the show we decided to get that Cafe Zoetrope fix after all and met up with Gus for the famous spaghetti and meatballs.

From there we zipped out to the Independent theatre to see the Comedians of Comedy show. It was so much fun and again, I had to toally geek out and get a poster signed by the guys and this pic for the blog:

Patton is so frickin' cool!

Tomorrow, packing all the swag safely and getting it home!

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