Thursday, March 22, 2007

Last night I finished up the layouts and model refs list for Treehouse. Woo hoo!

Today was my day off so we decided to have some fun starting with a trip to Tojo's for dinner to check out their new location. Their old spot was a cozy room (read: kinda cramped) on the second floor of an office building in the Broadway medical district. It had 80's minimalist decor that wasn't too hard on the eyes along with a kickass patio and an incredible view of the city.

The walls were lined with dozens of autographs which made the place feel very friendly and comfortable despite sometimes being elbow to elbow with fellow patrons which isn't so bad when you look over and see Famke Jansen seated next to you.

Which was another neat highlight of the place, it attracted celebrities like crazy. Dinner and entertainment... and sometimes Hugh Jackman singing showtunes in a corner. Keen!

So the new place was a stunner when we walked in. For one, it's HUGE. Hypermodern, crazy tall ceilings and still quite cozy. The major difference is that smack dab in the middle of it all is the sushi bar and the star of the show, Hidekazu Tojo himself. There isn't a spot in the whole room where you can't see him working his magic. Adding to the emphasis on just who's house you're in is the placement of furniture, all directing the eye to the bar. It's like a giant stage production. We found out later the seemingly missing autographs were now running in a loop on a plasma screen in the back.

The food of course was excellent. During the meal we noticed a familiar face behind the bar, Hiro was a server we spoke with often at the old place and here he was now working on sushi! We asked our server if that was in fact him and it turned out the server was his brother who confirmed that he had just started at the job. He joked around about how Hiro's work was full of mistakes and warned us that he'd be making our Northern Light Roll.

When the roll arrived I have to say it was the best one I ever had there. Sweet and light, with a great balance of temperatures and a nice kick of wasabi at the end. Loved it! Yay Hiro!

Afterwards we went to the office where I decided to tackle a canvas I'd been planning for a while. It's a Doctor Who themed painting, uber-geeky I know, bordering on obsessed, yes, but something I wanted to do for SDCC's art auction. With the evening off it seemed like a good time to get started.

I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoyed painting. I thought I'd suck at it but I was getting down what was in my head okay. It's still a ways off from being done but so far I'm happy with the results.

When I got home I found the opening scenes of issue 57 waiting for me (and they're really fun scenes too!). Tomorrow I'm back at the board but first an early brunch with a good friend from out of town.

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