Friday, March 30, 2007

First batch of 5 pages went out today. Tomorrow I'll be running errands before our weekend in Seattle. We'll be checking out the Emerald City Comic Con and toodling about. I'm excited about going to Kinokuniya for sketchbooks and supplies. Ian managed to get a spot at the Market Theatersports show on Saturday which should be fun.

Gail mentioned on her board how some uninsured idiot wrecked her new "Superman blue" car on 3rd Street today. I'm glad she and the family are safe. We'll need to figure out some cheering up strategies over the next few days.

We're staying through Monday to catch the Varsity's Hot Fuzz screening. Hopefully we'll actually get to see it this time. Vic is bringing folding chairs for the line-up. I'm bringing the portable Scrabble. Ian is bringing his infinite patience to sit through Bullitt beforehand. I love that man so much.

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