Sunday, March 25, 2007

Three pages halfway there and issue 57 is off to a good start.

The other morning I had a dream I was watching comedian Maria Bamford doing stand up. I only caught one bit and it was funny enough to wake me up laughing. She held up a stick of "lake" which is a type of make-up used in cheap stage productions, deep purple and generally used for lip colour or bright bruises. After describing what the stuff was she turned away briefly, turning back to reveal half her face covered in this ghastly red/purple, and then she put on her neurotic mom voice and said "Well the reason I went back to your father was because sometimes you have to work extra hard to make a marriage work. That's just the way it is honey."

Okay, some of you probably don't find battered wife jokes all that funny but before you go judging my sanity check out these videos of Bamford's that Ian found today. Her stuff is great, way funnier than what my subconscious can imitate anyway: The Maria Bamford Show

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