Monday, October 2, 2006

Today was Diana's birthday and we all went out to New West for...


I wasn't too crazy about the idea this morning because of the work I had piled up at the office but was eventually convinced that it would be a good idea. And I could go to the office afterwards.

I had done paintball years back and figured it would be a less gooey, less painful version of that. What I hadn't planned for were all the kids. Adults do paintball you see, while kids do lazer tag (less bruising and other adrenaline related injuries). The atmosphere in the lobby was that of a darker, cheaper, grungier Chuck E. Cheese's with low lighting, old video games, staff consisting of bored teenagers, and tables draped in black vinyl, topped with red plastic cups. Kids ranging from minimally supervised hyperactive 7 year olds to mean spirited 15 year olds ran around screaming at the top of their lungs waiting for the next game to start.

Soon our group arrived, about 15 improv and comedy geeks all in our 30s looking very out of place. We piled into the arena with only a few of the more ornery teenagers tossed in (the smaller kids were off having their pizza break). The first game was a solo match, every man for himself. Two floors of dark mazes lit with UV lights, pounding with music, we all ran around with our lazer guns shooting at one another.

I wasn't really prepared to have as much fun as I did (paintball was fun but also incredibly aggressive) nor did I expect such a work out. After ten minutes racing around, giggling my ass off I reached up to my forehead and found myself dripping with sweat. Sure it was warm in there, and the thick sensor vest didn't actually breathe, but hurrying around corners, along corridors, up and down ramps really got the heart going.

The second game was team vs team. This one I enjoyed more because we could pair up to watch each other's backs and defend sniping positions. It was enormously entertaining with the added shadenfreude of knowing the screaming crowd of kids waiting to use the room after us would have to deal with a stack of soaked vests from some very sweaty adults. Yeah, ew. Heh.

We then had our pizza and birthday cake, chatted excitedly about the games and talked about possibly doing it again in the future. I hope so. It's so much more fun than going to the gym. I wish PE were that fun in high school.

We got home and all the aches started up. We were too beat to get into the office so instead we're making it an early night so we can get in early to catch up on work. I should have a batch ready in a couple of days.

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