Monday, October 30, 2006

Ian got back on Sunday and he was completely wiped out by a cold. I spent the evening giving him lots of needed attention. Today I'm back in the office making up for time. It'll be a few days 'till I'm done yet.

Vic and I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday to see an exhibition called PAINT! More like "I've got some old acrylics left here, I should paint something. Hmm, Teal." It was okay I suppose, but not my cuppa.

There was a show in the 3rd floor called 75 Years of Collecting that was more interesting, including one piece that knocked my socks off...primarily because I was in it. I think.

In a small room was a rather large photograph with some wood paneling incorporated into it. The picture was of a group of people carrying protest signs in the woods and it all looked awfully familiar. Holy shit! It was the Kennedy Lake protest in Clayquot sound! I was there! I looked all through the shot to see if I was in it and right there in the center, towards the back of the group there's a little triangle of forehead sticking out from behind someone's shoulder that I'm pretty certain is mine. Nearby is a guy wearing a rainbow coloured wool hat and I remember that hat!

How weird is that?

In the next room was a cool video installation with three TV's running shots of the same guy (who just happened to be one of Vic's professors at the University) reciting in a monotone the lyrics to a Beastie Boys song, each head standing in for each singer and singing in the order of the song. I really liked it.

In another room were photos of portable homeless shelters set up around Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. In the center of the room was one of the shelters, neat and well constructed, complete with a solar panel for electricity. I picked up the book from that artist called Zero Yen Houses.

Good weekend.

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