Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Another all nighter. I have 5 pages almost there and my hand doesn't want to cooperate until it's had some sleep. Blah. I'll finish this batch tonight while settled in for the Lost premier.

I should also mention that V-Con is this weekend and I'll be doing panels on Saturday and Sunday (I believe both are at 1pm, I'll check tonight). Gonna be fun so I hope to see you there. I don't think there's time for sketches but I don't mind hanging around to sign books in the hallway afterwards so feel free to bring your copies.

Speaking of which, Y #50 hits the stands today so go grab one. This one is a real kicker and a must read for those wanting some mysteries answered. I had fun drawing this one and I had to be extra careful to not let anyone see spoilers while at the copy machine (yeah, that means no skimming ahead in the shop!).

Oh, yesterday Ian picked up season three of Penn & Teller's Bullshit and I'm really digging it. There's an episode on Conspiracy Theories that made me absolutely furious. Those of you who hang out on the Bendis Board may have seen my many tirades against 9/11 conspiracy nutjobs, with particular ire aimed at that Loose Change douchebag, and seeing some of these insensitive pricks rail on their ridiculous ideas about passengers being spirited off and living incognito somewhere... God I wanted to punch them. And don't even think about sending me that shit to try and convince me otherwise, at least not before checking out the following:

Loose Change Guide

Loose Change on Wiki

Pointless Waste of Time

Popular Mechanics debunks the 9/11 conspiracies

Why the Towers Fell

Okay, end of ranty rant.

I liked the Bullshit episode on Mother Theresa and Ghandi as well, though I'm still iffy on their opinions about the Dalai Lama.


Anonymous said...

You know what a better conspiracy is? That there still are no gay monkies in the comic :)

Pia Guerra said...

Hee! I think you're on to something there.

*shifty eyes*