Sunday, October 22, 2006

Auction was fun. Picked up a really nice kaleidoscope and telescope lot as well as a set of maps and posters. The selection was interesting but not a lot of spectacular.

We got out early and headed to New West to check out the hobby shop there. Bought some more supplies for Caitlin's dollhouse and from there we headed over to Emma's birthday party. Here's a tip for long lasting friendships: Never buy your friend's toddler a large drum for her birthday. Every lost morning of sleep will forever be attributed to you as your face fades in and out of their mind's eye with every plastic thump.

Cake was good.

The other night Vic and I were hanging out when we saw the movie channel had King Kong playing. We had missed the first half and it was at the part where Kong is tied up on stage in New York, the musical act depicting his capture playing out while Adrian Brody watches from the audience. Vicky had seen the movie before, I hadn't. What the heck, we'd continue from there.

By the end we were bawling our eyes out. According to Vic, the movie was better without the island scenes, they overwhelmed the viewer so much that by the time the story moved to Manhattan it was hard to stay focused. I was impressed. And the limited amount of dialogue made it so eerie. One day I'll watch the whole thing but for now, I'm pretty happy with the movie I saw.

And damn if this week's Battlestar Gallactica didn't kick so much ass.

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