Sunday, October 8, 2006

I was wondering what is was about sci-fi conventions that were so different from comic cons when I figured it out today in between panels.

You know those episodes of Star Trek where the away team shows up on some planet and the inhabitants are all really pleasant and then one member of the team looks up from his purple food and says "Heeeyy, where are all the children?"

No kids at these things. At comic-con? infants in Darth Maul and Spider-man ouftits. Part of me couldn't help but wonder if there was a reverse Carousel going on behind the scenes.

Off to the office to finish these last three pages.


Toren Q Atkinson said...

I found your panel really useful, and enjoyed sparring with you artistically at the Pencils at High Noon.

Pia Guerra said...

Hi Toren, I had a great time at the high noon panel. I will never forget "Darth Vader on Sesame Street" and all the horrified gasps in the audience when the timer was up. Oh yes, it was indeed sweet.