Sunday, October 15, 2006

And the comedy continues. I was supposed to go to a stagette this evening that included tapas and rock wall climbing but I just couldn't muster up the energy for it. The weather was turning, I was tired, the whole day was really blah. And then Ian suggested I go along with him, Roger and Riel to another comedy show, this time Gilbert Gottfried at the Edgewater Casino.

We made our way through the rain, across the Plaza of Nations which was packed for a Nazareth concert (ugh) and then stood in line for the show (met some Y fans there too, yay!)

There were two great comedians opening the show, one I had seen a couple of weeks ago at Tinkle and he was even better this time. Gottfried himself was fabulous. It was weird because he does this really old school, very Jewish, Pocono's-style humour with a large chunk of rapid fire impersonations... Of mid 20th century celebrities including Bela Lugosi, Chico Marx, Burl Ives and Warner Brothers cartoons. A good majority of the audience were twenty somethings struggling to figure out who most of these characters were while two smaller groups, one on each side of the half filled auditorium, one group being us, laughed our asses off to the point of tears. A little awkward, very funny.

His bit of a conversation between Marlee Matlin and Kirk Douglas was amazingly entertaining and oh so wrong. I loved it.

When the show was over we went to buy his CD and Gottfried was there signing autographs. I guess I was expecting the gruff character he uses on stage, instead he was this pleasant, soft spoken, silky voiced gentleman. He sounded like Bing Crosby! Okay, I know I shouldn't be surprised by this but it was nice.

Afterwards we each blew five bucks on the slots and left for a burger.

I'm sorry I didn't go to the stagette, I'm sure I missed out on goodness. I'll make up for it.

And now the rain is pelting down which is perfect for sleeping to.

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