Monday, October 9, 2006

After the con yesterday I came home and had a nap to make up for the early wake up. After about a half hour of that I was back up and ready to hit the office. We stopped by HMV to pick up some media: A movie magazine with an Indiana Jones retrospective, a Beatles cd on sale, some comedy cds including the new Weird Al album and a blast from the past, Run DMC's Tougher Than Leather just 'cause I was feeling a little old school.

We took our swag to the office to get us through our long night of work. By 3am I had gotten most of the remaining 3 pages done with only some finishes left. I packed everything up to take home where I set up in front of the tv for the final stretch. We watched a couple of Battlestar Gallactica episodes while I drew.

I was having trouble with the foreshortening on an arm in the splash page, I was trying and re-trying to get it right, the larger scale of the page throwing off my perspective. Ian retired and I told him I'd join him once I'd finished. I put on the morning news to catch up on the world and what's the first thing I hear? Not "North Korea's got the bomb!", but this:

"And a happy Thanksgiving on this lovely Monday morning!"

I blink. And then I throw my hands up, "OH FUCK!"

I quickly call FedEx and sure enough there's a recording saying they will be closed for the holiday. I have this Charlie Brown "Aagh!" in my head. Holidays are always creeping up unnoticed here, especially Canadian ones. When these days close up important businesses it can be damn inconvenient.

Well, I'll get to bed a little earlier this morning so that's at least nice. I'll finish up the work this evening.

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