Thursday, November 30, 2006

What the hell do I do now!?

I had put off planning for my time off thinking I wouldn't have any for another month. There are a few projects I can work on, I just wasn't mentally ready to start them this week. They are:

Treehouse of Horror 2007
This was originally planned for 2006 but the wedding bumped it up. Ian and I wrote this story for the Simpsons comic, a really fun story that I was looking forward to drawing. If you like Evil Dead, X-Men, Buffy and Friday the 13th... The Series, then you should pick this up next Halloween! I'm waiting on some model sheets so I can begin learning the likenesses.

GQ Magazine
I got a call last week from the editor asking me if I'd like to draw an illustration for their Critic Column. Woo! At first it looked like I wouldn't be able to do something for them until the issue after next but hey, maybe not. I hope to have this one figured out this week.

Thank You Cards
Technically I have a year from the wedding reception to get to these! But it's probably best to just get them out of the way before they become Christmas cards, or worse, next year's Christmas cards. I'm on it!

Swordplay: Treasure of the Island of Treasure!
Next week Ian and Nick Harrison are getting together to start planning the sequel to their cultish hit play Swordplay. As the designer, and overhead improv artist backstage of the last production I'll be involved in creating a whole new nautical look for the upcoming show.

Space Arm: The Comic!
Some of you may have seen this Canadian sci-fi pilot I helped design and construct (if not go watch the episodes on the Official MySpace site). We've been talking about making a comic of the rest of the series' episodes. Work on this will probably begin after I'm off Y.

Various Back-Burnered Writing Projects
Hey, I don't just draw perty pictures! I have a slate of stories I'm developing here, and when I'm done on Y I hope to finally get some of them off the ground. I got an e-mail earlier this evening from a well known publisher complimenting my posts over at the anarchy-fest that can be the Bendis Board, and based on my well composed posts there he wanted to know if I wrote as well. Wow! A potential gig from bitching with 14 year olds all night! If that isn't a kick in the butt to start thinking of some pitches I don't know what is.

Add to that the dollhouse, cleaning up the apartment and the office, banging out some sewing projects and after this week's weather, crocheting myself a new hat, sorting through the jumble doesn't seem so difficult.

Oh, and Gears of War.

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