Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And here I thought I was just superhuman.

That break I was having between scripts wasn't the result of me being faster than Brian but from being sorely misinformed. Last summer when I started on the Motherland arc I was told I'd be doing 5 issues, #49-53 followed by two off and then five on to the finish (that last one being double-sized).

I called Brian the other night to check in and learned the schedule had been re-worked a few months back and I was accidentally left out of the loop.

I've been on vacation for over a week!

There are pros and cons to this of course. Pro: yay, time off! Con: nuts! Our January trip to NYC is bumped to later in the year. Pro: Yay! We're not going to be in NYC in (frigid) January! Con: I have to figure out something to do in frigid Vancouver.

And speaking of this frigid berg...

Found this hippie snowman yesterday.

His mouth is made of those poisonous red berries you find on bushes and he has a giant mushroom for a hat. Cute.

Today a new round of snow hit town causing even more havoc on the roads. Ice underneath powder, and dry slush like sand. It made for a challenging hike out to Figmint, this time for lunch with friends who were getting tired of us raving about the place.

They really dug it.

And then we headed over to Futureshop where Ian finally broke down and bought an X-Box 360.

Gears of War, huh? Looks like I have something to do on my break after all.

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