Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ian's literary agency, Lucas Talent, held their annual Christmas party last night. Every year there's a theme to dress to, the first one I went to was Moulin Rouge (very fun), then Chicago (didn't like the movie, the party was a good time), last year was burlesque (nice!) and this year was a giant pajama party at the newly restored Commodore ballroom. The giant windows made an exquisite frame for the first snowfall of the year outside making the venue all the cozier inside.

There was flannel, lingerie, lots of bunny slippers, drag queens and plates piled high with yummy grilled cheese sandwiches. And really loud music that made it hard to hear what anyone was chatting about. Good, thumpy music, but loud. It was nice to see all our friends, couldn't hear them very well, but we got to see them and that was fun.

And then the actors who portray Apollo and Baltar walked in. I couldn't bring myself to say hi... Okay, this is incorrect, Baltar walked by at one point to get a drink at the bar and I called out to him so I could say how much I enjoyed BSG, but he couldn't hear me and kept going.

Yep. Good music at that party.

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