Monday, November 27, 2006


Holy crap there's a lot of snow outside! In November!

We may be in Canada but Vancouver is notorious for not getting all that much of the white stuff. Heck, last Christmas it was 15 degrees out (that's about 60 degrees fahrenheit for you yanks).

December we usually get a few cold spots, dipping below freezing for a week or so, then it warms up. In January and February, if it's not raining non-stop, we get a couple of days of snow (barely enough to make a snowman because it turns to slush so quickly) and then more rain until June.

Naturally the entire city is in chaos. Cars are skidding all over the roads as their wheels spin stupidly, trees are down, there are pockets of blackouts all over the lower mainland, whiteouts on the number one, schools are closed, restaurants, already hit hard by the boil water advisory (yeah that's still going) have thrown up their hands in frustration and shut their doors, and home and building owners in denial are refusing to salt the sidewalks, if they even shovel them, making a walk through the neighbourhood damn near treacherous.

But walk we did.

We went for sushi, threw snowballs at icicles, and listened to how quiet the world was.

And then we found this adorable little guy,

With the forecast calling for more cold he may stick around for a while.

Back home now, waiting for the heat to kick in and watching the awful trainwreck that is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It's not funny! Why can't anyone see that!? And since when do studio execs care what the misanthropes at AICN think?! Jeesus!

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