Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yesterday I woke up feeling good and ready to work. I got dressed and checked my e-mails and noticed a little stiffness in my neck. I must've pulled something in my sleep but no biggie, it was minor. I went to meet Ian for lunch and started noticing it more. Annoying but not bad. Got to the office and started to work... and then my neck was almost immobile with pain. Jeez but it was bad. Little movements resulted in knife-like spasms all through my back! Ian picked up a thermal patch for me to try and though pleasant, it didn't do much to solve the problem. As soon as I took it off, the muscles would hurt even more. After several hours trying to draw I decided to chuck it all in a case and go home.

I figured I'd have a lie down and try heating it up under a blanket but that didn't work either. Finally crankiness got the better of me and it seemed best to just distract myself with work.

I set up in the living room and finished 5 pages. I thought I'd only get to 4. I may have overworked a couple of panels on one page, the script called for a lot of emotion and I was having trouble finding the right layout. I'm still not totally sure of the transition but the feeling is there so I'll leave it at that.

Two more left for this issue. I should have it done by Thursday, Friday at the latest if this neck keeps up. Now to try some sleep.

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