Monday, November 6, 2006

This batch is done and going out on Monday's run.

I'm still a bit congested but otherwise I'm back to scratch and ready to tear through these last 7 pages. Yay!

And just to make my sister feel a little extra guilty (she opted for sushi with relatives tonight), Ian cooked up the most AMAZING steak and risoto dinner. Wowee wow wow! I loooove my husband's cooking! Not to worry though, there are some very delicious leftovers in the fridge.

Right now we are going through a crazy amount of rain, I think the forecast is for two inches overnight. That's November for you. In case anyone out there is thinking of a relocate to Vancouver, please consider this little factoid first: the chances of getting three dry days in a row in the month of November are only 15%.

Sure the summers are becomming more and more sun drenched in recent years but fall and winters here are still a giant sponge.

The rain is nice to sleep to.

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