Friday, November 24, 2006

Augie is back home, a little high but wandering about like her old self. She lost quite a few teeth and will have to be on a wet food diet from now on but the vet said he's seen worse. It's a rough thing to go through but once her gums have healed up she'll be feeling a lot better than she has been. The trick now will be administering the antibiotics.

Charlie and Kinsey seem to be happy she's back too. There was a definite anxiety running through the two of them this morning as they paced around and over the bed with this almost accusing look. The balance had been upset and they were not happy about it.

When we picked her up from the vet the staff had nothing but nice things to say about her. That lil' munchkin can sure make an impression.

I stayed in this evening to keep her company which allowed me some time to work on Caitlin's dollhouse. I removed the roof, the top floor and one of the walls which made it a lot easier to strip and sand down. I can start wallpapering soon!

Ian is back from the office and is now cooking a delicious smelling meal. It's a cozy friday night in with my husband and the cats.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone.

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Anonymous said...

My congratulations to August on getting home again in good enough shape and spirits!