Friday, December 1, 2006

In the bank line a man was holding a tiny black and brown chihuahua that looked like a miniscule Doberman. It was wearing a bright orange rain jacket and when set down on the ground it delicately avoided puddles of melted slush.

At the A&W a young security guard entered with a homeless guy and bought him a coffee and a sandwich and listened to him tell his story, occasionally patting him on the shoulder with a patient grin. It didn't matter that the guy was drunk and a little loud in his ramblings, he was cold and needed a cuppa joe.

On the bus I saw a woman I knew from the SCA I hadn't talked to years. I complemented her on her picture in a recent Province article. I didn't want to bring up the fact that it was also a result of that article that I learned her husband had passed away three years earlier. He was a cool guy who taught me sword fighting techniques ("Always root your heel to the ground!"), who played chess with me once ("damn you're a kamikaze player aren't you?") and told great stories to everyone during lulls in court events ("Now here's a story about a bunny and a duck!"). I was irked that none of my old household buds told me about it so I could attend the service but I wasn't about to mention it, so instead I smiled and told her how great it was to see her again. And it was.

At the Zellers a woman saw my basket full of yarn skeins and we got into a lengthy conversation about scarves and the right colours for different relatives.

On X-Box live I got my ass kicked in F.E.A.R.

That was my day.


Laura Speed said...

Sweet ass day, Pia. I wish I could have days like that. When is Ian going to break down and buy the new playstation and nintendo? I'm going to crack and see if I can get the nintendo this weekend. Happy birthday!

Pia Guerra said...

Thanks Laura, we've been looking for a Wii bit there are presently none to be had in town. Dumb marketing ploys! We'll probably pick one up after Christmas. So far the 360 is proving disappointing in the online download features but that has more to do with the fuckwits at the CRTC. Playing is okay, but I'm not used to the controls yet.