Tuesday, December 5, 2006

It's been a week since the snow came blowing in but despite the warmer, rainier weather there's still lots of it on the ground, especially in the residential areas that aren't on the city worker's list of places to salt and plow. What's worse is that much of the snow-turned-slush is now slick and icy. Even worse than that are the scads of inconsiderate twits who can't be bothered to pitch a few bucks worth of salt on the sidewalks in front of their homes to make it safe to traverse.

A few days ago a postie fell on some ice in front of a business in town. He hit his head but didn't think much of it, bit of a bruise, he filed a report and went home. The next day he wasn't feeling well and agreed to see a doctor but not in time. He died shortly afterward from a brain hemorrhage.

Some ass decided to be cheap about salting the walk and now a man is dead. And this was days after the snow stopped falling and everything in town was business as usual. Plenty of time to run over to the corner store or the Canadian Tire to pick some up.

Walking to a meeting yesterday was so frustrating. Most of the paths were clear except for sections that just couldn't be avoided, some on hills. We struggled to find the crushed footfalls and avoid the chunks of ice that would threaten to bring us down. A 10 minute stroll became a 30 minute pain in the neck as the muscles in my back tensed with every slip.

Yes, the snow was a surprise but it's not totally unheard of here. We get snow every year, a little but snow all the same and every year there's the lingering accidents-waiting-to-happen from people who just refuse to believe that dusting of the white stuff out front will ice up and become dangerous. "But we have daffodils in February! Whatever will we gloat about to the easterners if we have snow?! Nope, I'm going to ignore it and it will quickly go away!"

I'm sorry but if you have a home you should have a bag of salt in your closet, a shovel wouldn't hurt either. There are elderly people trying to get to the store, kids off to school, adults going to work and disabled folks who have enough crap to deal with as it is without cheap fuckers making it worse for them.


Makes me so mad.

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geekboypress said...

Inconsiderate bastards!