Friday, December 22, 2006

Watching a new series on DVD from the BBC called Black Books and I'm really enjoying it. It's about an alarmingly alcoholic book store owner named Bernard, his new employee, and stress refugee, Manny and Fran who works next door in a modern decor shop. Bernard is played by Dylan Moran who played the straight laced lecturer Davs in Shaun of the Dead, and here he's barely recognizable, looking more like a younger John Cusack decked out in a black suit and trench coat, his hair terminally mussed, blearily appraising his surroundings with utter bewilderment. Bill Bailey plays Manny who some may remember from Spaced as Bilbo. And his hair is amazing.

The pacing is very similar to Spaced with quick cuts and a very sardonic style but shot on a set in video. It's kind of weird at first but gets funnier as it goes. Not bad.

Getting ready for Christmas. Working with the Simpsons model sheets and getting a good feel for the characters.

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