Sunday, December 3, 2006

Had a very fun, semi-quiet birthday. We got up in the afternoon (I spent most of the morning working on a doll for a friend's daughter), we got into a cab and visited Lee Valley to load up on goodies. I found a very nice set of safety glasses that actually fit, watering globes for the garden, a spider trap on a stick and a book on chip carving which was a hobby I took up some years back but want to try again. Got some great advice on rotary tool heads capable of cutting a new door into the dollhouse I'm fixing up.

We brought our swag home and then met up with Vic for dinner at 1215 on Davie (kobe beef menchi katsu!) followed by some heavy slackage at home in front of the TV, including viewing the Donner cut of Superman II. There were some neat scenes but wow, am I glad they went the other way. That original ending was atrocious. I mean come on! How hard is it to write a good Superman story?

Finished the doll this morning, quite lovely, and this week I will be making some clothes for it before packing it off to Edmonton. The really nice thing about having time off is being able to make toys for friends' kids. I have a couple of crocheted dolls lined up and will be planning more once I get out to Dressew for some fabric.

Even cooler! Vic gave me a great present of a book on Sashiko quilting and some sewing materials! I'm so pysched to make something with these patterns and techniques!

Gosh but I'm domestic!

My brain won't let me sleep without doing something creative.

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Jeff McClelland said...

Hi Pia! Happy birthday!

I just found your site and wanted ot say that I'm a big fan of Y and your work in general. Keep it up!