Friday, March 7, 2008

You ever have those moments after a lengthy struggle with brush and gel and water where not only can you not get your hair to style like it was out of the salon the day before but you can't even get it to sit normal instead of the weird Frankenstein's monster meets Hilary Clinton thing it wants to do, and then, seeing the straggly rat tails, fuzzy crooked bits and weird chunks hanging off your ears have you ever stood there in front of the mirror, brush and gel in wet, sticky hands, and just CRIED?

Not since getting the Peggy Flemming cut from aunt Hillu when I was 6 years old have I felt this miserable.

I'll try again tomorrow before deciding on some kind of solution.

On the very upside, found a copy of Bryan Talbot's Heart of the Empire at the comic shop tonight. I actually gasped out loud upon seeing it. I think the Universe is being nice to me, or maybe it just wanted to pass along a "nice try" for the hair thing.

Sunday we're off to Frankfurt. I don't yet have locations for the signings both Ian and I will be doing there and in Stutgart, but if you're in that neck of the woods try asking around, someone must know. From the 12th to the 15th (?) we're in Leipzig for the book festival so I hope to see you there.

And as a special treat you get to see me completely butcher the German language, but not for lack of trying, I've been working very hard with a Berlitz book to remember as much of my high school Beginner's German as possible. So far, I can give good directions, ask for a pen, and request that Herr Schmidt send off many letters by fax machine. I'm sure it will come in handy somewhere.

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Dirk said...

That´s good to know,so i´m looking forward to see you in Leipzig on Saturday!

And take it easy!
Normally the Germans try to speak in your language.(Possibly not perfect,but as good as it´s possible......)
But certainly you can astonish the people here,with your "butchered" German! ;-)

See you!