Tuesday, March 11, 2008

9 hours to London, slept maybe an hour on the plane, arrive to learn our connecting flight was cancelled due to weather. 6 hour layover in a depatures lounge with no place to lie down. Arrive in Franfurt at around 1am. British Airways lost our luggage. Still trying to track them down, we have no fresh clothes, no 'folio (with scripts to work on), no personal items, no HAIR PRODUCTS for hair the guy at Suki's INSISTS now requires styling until it grows out some more.

And icing on the cake, the ultimate irony, woke up this morning to the perfect, and I mean perfect, bed head. My hair couldn't have looked more amazing with the putty and gel and stuff put in on Sunday . And then I had to wash it all out.

Well fuck.

Signing at a comic shop this afternoon at 4pm.

Gotta find something to wear.

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