Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I don't usually watch late night talk shows but I'm getting so hooked on Craig Ferguson's monologues. I know!

Nearly four years ago I announced to friends and family (okay, Ian and Vic) that I was going to grow out my hair in order to donate it to Locks of Love, a charity that provides wigs to kids who need them. Tomorrow (okay, later today) I get the big chop. Weird thinking that soon I will no longer have this long hank getting caught in car doors, tangled in collars, tugging my head into painful angles while I slept or taking forever to dry.

Photos forthcoming.

Two pages done on CBT. Five more nearly there. I've also been working on the first page of Doctor Who. Makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Getting psyched for Sunday's flight out.


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Pia Guerra said...

Say what?