Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Germany is wonderful.

Yesterday went really well. After breakfast I did a lightning shopping trip and found a decent wardrobe thanks to more stores carrying plus sizes than they do back home. I usually hate buying clothes because there are only 3 places in Vancouver to find stuff in my size, but here... wow, I am woman, hear me whip out the credit card! I've become a stereotype! Love it. Found some great jeans, nice t-shirt, socks (had to get the ones with Snoopy on them, no idea why, undies and hair stuff. Still need a hoodie or something to warm up, but the cold is not that bad at all. The rains were prety light though the pressure changes in the air have been doing a number on my back. That'll get better with more sleep and some tylenol I think.

After the shopping we met up with Joe and Steffen and toured about the neighbourhood a bit. Found this stunning chocolate shop where Ian loaded up. Then we checked out an amazing church (I think it was St. Bartholomew's). They were tuning the pipe organ at the time, very eerie because of the sustained notes filling the enormous space. We wondered why it was so strange and then it was obvious, it sounded exactly like old Doctor Who episodes with the incidental music. I took some video, will try to post it soon.

After a brief break at the hotel we were off to the signing where we met many fans, signed many books, and drew many sketches. It was a lot of fun. And everyone speaks fantastic english so there was much yapping about comics.

We crashed early after a sweet meal of Indian food.

And Ian's bag turned up! Finger's crossed for mine making an appearance soon.

Today, we're in Hanover. I'm not sure about the Stuttgart situation, whether there was a change or not, but more as I learn it.

Bunche just wrote to me with news of the Passing of Dave Stevens. Awful beyond words. He was an incredible artist.

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