Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Thursday, we just finished signing on the first day of the Leipzig Book Fair.

Still no luggage. No response yet to e-mails on British Airway's site. My cell is about to die since the charger is in the missing bag. Same with the camera's battery.

Hannover went nicely, the weather was crazy cold and blustery but the fans were warm and friendly. We headed out early this morning and got in to Leipzig with just enough time to buy another pullover and a warm hoodie before the signing.

I think there's something weird about the water or the soap or something because the hair colour I had done before the the trip is now turning a bit orange. Guh.

There's a music video on television right now featuring a CGI bunny singing to his carrot. It's called Kusschelsong.

The book fair is HUGE. We've only seen one hall so far, more tomorrow.


Dirk said...

"Kuschelsong" *lol*
That can only be an entertainment tv-station!
If it´s possible i can warmly recommend the german public-tv (ARD,ZDF,BR,HR,SWR,SR,NDR,WDR,RBB,ARTE,3-SAT,Phoenix,for example)which contains very sophisticated tv-program!
This ambitious tv-program is only available in germany,i think! ;-)
As to that lost luggage,i´m so very sorry about that!
I wish you good luck to get it back at the soonest!

Hope you enjoy your stay in Leipzig!

pia guerra said...

kuschelsong! It flashed on the screen so quick I wasn't sure of the spelling. Ian gets hypnotised by that rabbit everytime it comes on.

And Leipzig is great, having a very good time.