Sunday, March 2, 2008

And in keeping with the weekend's theme, while at the Comedy Death Ray show tonight at the Commodore we were besieged by the cacaphonous chatterings of yet another gaggle of spoiled idiots. What the fuck is wrong with these people?! They get all their friends together for some birthday party or secretaries' night out or some shit, gather at their table (near the bar of course) with their cell phones out and just YAMMER ON AND ON all through the headliner's set!

Do they wait for the show to end before getting out the cameras to pose for their farewell hugs? NO! RIGHT FUCKING THERE, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACT THEY FIRE AWAY THEIR FLASH CAMERAS! We're ACROSS THE ROOM from these fuckers and we can hear all their banal twitters and squeals. There's even a security guard STANDING RIGHT THERE, but does he do anything? Hell no!

How fucking much do you have to pay for a ticket to make you sit and shut the fuck up and just listen to the fucking show?! Where the hell does this inflated sense of entitlement come from that you can go to a live event and act as if you're still in your living room having a slumber party?!

For fuck's sake! This isn't your local sports bar with Seinfeld playing in the background while you rehash your day at perfume counter! It's something we all paid money to attend because we want to hear what these performers have to say! We're not interested in your car troubles and gossip girl crap you boring pieces of shit! Grow the fuck up!


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George Moorer said...

we've suffered these idiots at our local cineplexes for far too long, to do it in silence. someone from your group going over to them and telling to shut their pieholes works pretty well...take it from experience.

it shouldn't come to that, but unfortuantely the banality of talking and communicating to every person you know at all times seems to have taken our culture by storm...dammit.