Saturday, March 15, 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank British Airways for completely fucking up our trip.

After our signing yesterday we had a bit of time to go out to the strip mall across this big honking field to buy some more clothes to get us through the weekend. With the walking at the show, slogging through aisle after aisle in store after store, stressing over what size was what, trying to communicate what should be simple things to staff, and then dragging ourselves back across the field to the hotel only to learn we had to go back to get my phone left behind at the Nokia store after buying a charger, there was no energy left for the after-show party. I was in a lot of pain, hip, back and feet, and just drained of strength.

And today I get to hear how wonderful that party was, taking place in the catacombs of a centuries old castle. Apparently there was a brilliant buffet, great music, some well known Japanese artists with many lovely stories. Which ones? I have no idea BECAUSE I WASN'T THERE!

I was in our hotel, lying in pain, eating Pringles.

Fuck you British Airways. Fuck you for not returning e-mails, fuck you for calling after 5 days of nothing just to tell us my bag wasn't at Franfurt.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.


Dirk said...

It´s a remote possibility that the bomb-squad is very fascinated from those "highly-explosive" hair-products.....
I´m just kidding,but actually i don´t see the fun of that situation.
By the way your actual hairstyle looks very well!

I had to ascertain,that´s not so easy to speak english,without my dictionary and without sleep after 36 hours.....*lol*
But after all i´m lucky about the little Ampersand you´ve signed in my comicbook!
It was very nice to meet you in Leipzig,so thank you for all.


mattias said...

i'm so sorry about this!

but there is a good news. i'm busy as a bee to complete your site and the site of your husband on simpsonspedia. i think i'll write an email with more questions. :-)
and finally next week i'll looking for t-shirts. i hope i'll find a good one.

best wishes und a good time in london

Crunchy Carpets said...

Oh shit....a travelers worst nightmare.

Poor you...what a horrid drag.

Ick ick...