Monday, August 13, 2007

A weekend full of drawing a re-drawing panels and still not getting them to work ended with a drive out to Third Beach for a viewing of the meteor shower. Four of us sat on and under blankets gazing up at an impressive show of flares, flickers and the odd satellite racing by overhead, we joked about sand fleas and making wishes, giggled whenever a group of stoners down the beach Ohhhhed and ahhhhed with every bright flash. We jumped at the strangled cry of what sounded like a duck or goose on the water and wondered aloud whether it had just been made a snack by a hungry seal. Finally the hypothermia started to set in and we retreated to the car and its blasting heat vents.

Monday it's back to work. I have three pages nearly there and two in roughs. I should have these done by Tuesday with the remaining for #59 finished next week.

Tonight the script for issue #60 came in. I've been crying on and off over the last couple of hours. Whether it's the cold, being tired or just overwhelmed by the milestone I'm not sure. I'm not letting it all sink in yet, too much to think about.

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