Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And then it became downright chilly.

This morning started with some lulling rain and overcast skies that caused the temperatures to drop into what felt like the teens. In other words, it was great. The office, usually about ten degrees higher than outside, was actually tolerable and I got into a fantastic groove, two pages nearly done. Here's hoping the cool stays for a while.

The long weekend was wonderful, even if crazy hot. With Treehouse pages out last week and Y pages sent to Florida on Saturday I was desperate for a work free day and Sunday was the day. We met up with friends at Locarno for an afternoon of barbeque and an evening of movies under the stars. Diana had rented a generator and speakers for use with our digital projector and at sunset the portable screen was set up. The night started with some Don Hertzfeldt cartoons which got everyone warmed up for the feature

Raiders of the Lost Ark! And it was a blast! A spectacular sky, shooting stars, friends riveted to a movie with very little suck in it. We attracted a few spectators through the night though most fled by the end, probably due to a combination of the clear night chill and unrelenting mosquitos. Best of all, the beach cops seemed to be okay with it!

This saturday, JAWS! Woo! Must remember citronella candles!

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