Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Those 5 pages just need backgrounds. I'll have them finished tonight.

While working this morning I've been watching When the Levees Broke, an excellent documentary about the hurricane Katrina disaster, before, during and months after. It's stunning to see all these aspects of events everyone has seen on the news over the last couple of years condensed so you get a much clearer view of how bad it's really been, unfiltered through Paris Hilton claptrap and reality shows and shit that just doesn't matter.

And after watching this I can only say, and I'm sorry if you don't like to hear it, but if any of you voted for Bush's buddies after this fiasco you're a fucking idiot. Plain and simple. Fucking. Idiot.

Shame on you.


heather said...

I couldn't agree more!/ Kudos for speaking up.

Lisa said...

Right on!