Monday, August 27, 2007

Pulled another all-nighter this morning getting four pages out by noon. I have four more to go and should have them done soon. The pages took longer because of all the characters involved. Not to mention a few distractions like...

Leonard Wong's annual Comix and Stories show went on yesterday at Heritage Hall. Always a cosy event with lots of local talent it was fun to stop by before slogging back to the office. We met up with friends in the evening for a lovely dinner and chat at a nearby Phillipine restaurant called Rekados (mom showed up too). The curry chicken pina is my favourite dish there, goes great with rice.

A friend from out of town was with us so along with Vic we headed back home for a slideshow on the computer of our last couple of trips to the UK and Europe. He's a big fan of architecture so amazingly, his eyes didn't glaze over!

After that we left Vic at the apartment to play the final levels of Bioshock while my friend and I headed to the office where we met up with Ian, Roger and David (they took off for the arcade after the meal) I had trouble focusing on work which was more about stress getting the pages to work than everyone else playing Guitar Hero 2. Usually I can tune others out when I get into it, just wasn't getting into it.

We cut out around midnight, friends headed home, I packed up the pages to work on back at the couch. We got in to find Vicky reaching the final boss round which wasn't as big as I thought it would be but still pretty. The game is annoying in that it's basically four elements repeated over and and over: fight Splicers, fight Big Daddies, fight automated turret guns, and the same puzzle 'hack' game to break into machinery. That's it. And it goes on for hours! The repetition drives you crazy after a while and that's not even playing, that's listening while others play. The big redeeming quality of course is the beauty of the design but only just.

Eventually everyone headed to bed and I tore into work.

The out of town friend was having car trouble yesterday, I hope everything worked out at the garage this morning, haven't heard back from him yet. Probably should have left the phone on but I was exhausted. Had I answered a phone in such a state I'd have said something dream related, possibly very embarassing, or shouted rude epithets. For the best.

Tonight, a much needed shower and a bit of hand rest before diving back into these last pages tomorrow.

A car passed outside a second ago with a couple of girls screaming the lyrics to Life is a Highway out the window.

I really don't like that song.

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